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Put the credit card down!

I blame Hayley, or more specifically Hayley and her sister and family for my latest purchase! 

Hayley’s sister gave her two books for her birthday, and then Hayley went and posted them on her blog!!!!  Urgh, with my current addiction it is totally impossible that she put something like this on her blog and I am not going to want to go out and buy it. 

The Biscuiteer’s Book of Iced Biscuits looks devine, she has has a link to their website which obviously I had to follow and OH MY WORD!!!!!!  My craze for iced biscuits is just getting worse and worse.  I even “liked” them on Facebook.  You should see the photos of the biscuits they have made.

Anyway – thanks to Hayley and, I will be the proud new owner of this book in 8 – 10 working days…..

5 thoughts on “Put the credit card down!

  1. The book looks awesome… I am just doing my catchup on blogs as have been absent for a while!
    Loved Baby OL’s 1st birthday stuff… gorgeous!
    Cannot believe she is 1 already!! 🙂

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