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More photos from Baby OL’s 1st birthday.

Mmmm, chocolate – Open it! 

Poor deprived child.  She still has not tasted chocolate, although I have never seen anyone get as much enjoyment from a Chomp as she did. And she did not even get to eat it.  I think she just like the packaging and played with it for ages.

Yes, I am cursing my sister! She thought it would be very funny to give Baby OL a huge big Barney.  Hmph! So much for no purple monsters in our house. She also gave her 2 Barney DVD’s. Thankfully Baby OL has not discovered the TV yet.

Playing with friends. 

When I took her for her 1 year check up she has gone from being above the average weight for her age last time to below it this time.  They said they are not worried as she is not skinny but is just little.  I did not really notice before, but when I look at these photos she is smaller than the other two, who were born exactly 7 days before her.  I don’t mind at all, they grow so quickly so the longer she looks like a baby the better for me.


9 thoughts on “More photos from Baby OL’s 1st birthday.

    1. I still do all the time. I am far to young to be grown up!

      And if you had actually been at the party I think you might have been cured of all broodyness. The photos are a lot quieter…. My sister in law had decided to wait another few years after 2 hours with 6 1 year olds.

    1. Cat – I know, good stories and she loves the music. I think it is something that people love to hate, until they actually have kids. Then they just love it because it will keep their two year old quiet for a while.

  1. Never let the fact that she is smaller get to you. My 6 year old daughter is now just about as big as my 8 year old son. He’s just small for his age.

    1. I don’t mind that she is smaller. My whole family was small for our ages, until 16 – 17 years, then we suddenly grew – a lot! My brother went from being smallest in his class to 6ft3 the following year. I also went from shortest girl at the start of matric to 2nd tallest by the end of the school year.

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