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I went back to my art classes last night – what fun.  I really enjoyed it and can’t believe I waited a year to go back.

It was as if I had not been away though. Everyone still sits in the same place – the wine tastes the same and the place still smells like paint (odd that)…. and I am still working on the same picture.  Yes, that is right, one year later and I am still on the picture I was working on before Baby OL was born.

It was really nice getting into it again.  The picture is actually a pencil drawing that I am doing from one of Firefly’s photos of the “Wrecked Walkway” (click to see the photo).  Yes, I did ask him if I could copy it and he very kindly said yes.  As soon as I am finished it, I will post a picture.  It is quite near to being done –but then it was quite near to being done a year ago too.

4 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see it!

    On Monday I am going back to my old favorite – aqua aerobics. I’m sure I will see many of the same people again. Can’t wait.

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