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Activities for a 1 year old?

Baby OL is at home with the nanny during the day but I think she might be getting bored.  I said initially I would keep her at home till she is at least 2 but now am beginning to wonder if that is too long.

My nanny is very good and does read to her, play with her and “teach” her stuff but I feel she maybe needs a bit more.  One of the ladies I work with suggested that I get my mom to take Baby OL to Moms and Tots or something similar once a week. Which I am going to do but do you think that will be enough?  (also to try and pin my mom down is a nightmare – for an old person she sure does get around – jokes mom).  She loves travelling and is taking full advantage of retirement. I think every second week her and her boyfriend (can you call somebody in their 70’s a “boyfriend”?) are off gallivanting somewhere. This week they are trekking around the Wild Coast, the week before last they were in Plett.

I am also trying to find age appropriate activities for a 1 year old that I can teach my nanny how to do so that they have a bit more structure during the day.  On the weekends I am trying to arrange play dates or group activities so that she has a bit of interaction with kids her own age.  This weekend we are going to the beach.

If you have any suggestions for a 1 year old please send them my way – remembering that I have a problem with Baby OL and stuff going in her mouth. She will put anything and EVERYTHING in there.  I saw some people sat their babies in big tubs of dried beans and stuff. That is not going to work for her.  She will put all those kinds of things in her mouth.

Last week I cooked up a huge batch of spaghetti – ½ of which I gave her to play with and the other ½ I froze for her dinners. She loved getting her hands into the spaghetti.  Mr OL was horrified he thought I had started feeding her off the floor.


7 thoughts on “Activities for a 1 year old?

  1. I remember , my sister said the same thing about my nephew, keeping him at home until two, but she also realised he was getting bored…so she put him in a playgroup and he LOVED it.

  2. Yeah, I think the playgroup is a great idea. I have two under two. I stayed at home with them until the oldest was 15 months old. I could tell that they were getting a bit bored some. Now, at school they have so many activities to keep them busy and friends to interact with that they don’t get bored. Art projects are always good too even at age 1.

  3. Dont fret – really. She is tiny still. The entire world is still a mystery. I wouldnt even consider playgroup until 18mnths – and then maybe 2x a week.

    There is still so much ahead for you and Baby OL – enjoy this quiet unscheduled time. I probably sound like such a *know it all* and I dont mean to. 😦

  4. I agree with Mel – she’s got her whole life ahead of her to be in playgroup. Once you start with that then you get all the diseases that come with it.

    Go and have a look at Woolies at their Early Learning Centre goodies – they have divine stuff for babies/toddlers that your maid will easily be able to do with her.

    Mom/Tots is a great idea – the stuff they learn there is divine and yr nanny (could possibly go too to see what they do) could then also continue this at home with her.

    Don’t fall into the trap of over-stimulating her! She is still tiny in the greater scheme of things.

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