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Winter running

On Monday night after work Baby OL and I went for a run. Well, I ran she sat in her pram.  As I left home I thought to myself, “what a stunning evening but you can feel that it is getting cooler” – and then thought no more off it and fun was had by all.  Or at least I thought fun was being had by all.  I was running (fun for me) and Baby OL was happily munching away on a rice cake looking at the dogs (what noise do dogs make?? Woof – gasp, woof pant woo)  deeeep breaths….. and cats and birds and anything else I could gasp out while trying to catch my breath and run.  Obviously I had to stop a few times to actually point them out.

She seemed to be enjoying herself, every now and then turning to look at me, or “talking” to the passersby.

By the end of my run I was boiling hot.  I got inside and picked Baby OL up.  Oh my word the poor child was freezing!  Her hands & feet were ice cold.  I thought I had given my child hypothermia.  I ended up putting both of us into a warm bath.  Bad mommy.  Next time we are dressing warmer – winter running is not for sissies.  (ok, not quite winter – it was still about 24˚C but colder than it has been in a while)


5 thoughts on “Winter running

  1. @hanlie – yes they do, but she seemed quite happy. So hoping it was just her skin that was cold and not her whole little body.
    @Imsonotablogger. I walked with her for the first 11 weeks, and then slowly started running. It was hard though when I went back to work to find the time. Now she does not just fall asleep so I can go after work without worrying that she will fall asleep just before bed time. When she was little she woudl be asleep before we had even gotten out the drive way.

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