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Don’t you hate it when…

We went out of Saturday night – really out, like as in we had a baby sitter and everything.  Yay for us!

It was a friends 50th birthday party and the theme was Footballers and WAG’s.  Pretty good theme I thought.  The boys were all told to wear their football kit and considering it is normally impossible to get Mr OL to wear anything besides a football shirt he was happy to play “dress up” this time.

The invite said “high heels and bling essential, tattoos and fake tan optional”.  I went and bought loads of fake bling (thank you Mr Price), wore my tightest jeans, my highest heels, white shirt buttoned quite low and a purple bra peeking out.  Lots of make-up, straighten hair, big sunglasses and I was ready.  I thought I looked very “footballer’s wife”, until I got to the party.  The other bloody tarts had gone glam! 

Deep sigh and grab a glass of punch…….

8 thoughts on “Don’t you hate it when…

  1. Typical!

    I have to admit I would have checked what the others were wearing.

    Having watched Footballers Wives they do go very over the top. Rather over than under-dressed!

  2. Hehe…i can imagine …. but i bet you were the most comfortable…nothing best heels, hot jeans and a white shirt. I would ALWAYS opt to be underdressed than overdressed. Pictures would be kinda cool ya know???;-)

  3. No photos, sorry. All I can say is that I was really glad I did not not go with my original outfit. I thought I looked slutty enough in what I had on.

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