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Latest Cookie

Here is a picture of my latest cookie.  The picture is our company logo.  I thought I would give it a go, it is our annual board meeting early next month and thought it might be funny to give eveyone cookies with the logo on at tea time.  But figured I had better practice first. 

The did not come out exactly how I was hoping, but generally I am quite happy with them.  The consistance of the icing worked well, and the Africa’s looked great.  It was when I put the oval shapes over that the problems started.  Next time I might try starting with that. Also the blue is supposed to be navy – but after using nearly a whole bottle of food colouring I decided I liked the colour the way it was (read as: I was not going to waste any more colouring on a trial cookie).  So if anyone has any tips on how to get a nice dark navy without using a whole bottle of food colour all suggesting would be greatly appreciated. 


10 thoughts on “Latest Cookie

  1. Absolutley no idea – I am a lazy baker (no prettiness, just the taste is what I worry about).

    Baby OL is looking gorgeous and I love your pencil drawing.

    Oh, good luck on FAIS 🙂

  2. Pam – you must use a gel colouring, not the liquid k@k ones you get from the supermarket.
    Go and buy a bottle of navy gel colouring (can get from speciality baking stores) and then you just use a tiny amount and et voila: awesome colour you desire :0)
    PS: If you can’t find any where you are, give me a shout and I can post it to you x

  3. Thanks so much all, it was fun to try and do the logo. I am going to do it for real this week for the board meeting (even with the wierd colour blue).

    @ Kirsty – thanks very much, however this was with the gel colourings (navy blue) and still did not work. I think I used nearly half a bottle and was then worried it would affect the taste of the icing. Somebody else also suggested putting a bit of purple or black in first and then the blue. I think for now I will just stick with this colour.

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