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I’m not ignoring you!

Is anyone else having a problem getting onto Blogspot blogs.  For some reason I have not been able to get onto any for the past couple of days.  It keeps giving me an error message.  Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem.

 I am really missing reading some of the blogs!

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Killing Kebble

This is a public service announcement.

I noticed that one of the terms used on Google that is sending people my way is “when is Killing Kebble  coming out on Kindle” – so here is the answer:  There is no Kindle version yet but has been released on ePub on Kalahari. It is also available in paperback.

How do I know this?  I asked Mandy Wiener the question on twitter last week – @MandyWiener if you are interested in following her.  I am guessing that the reason people are being directed to my blog is because I have linked my twitter feed to it.

Has anyone read the book yet, and if so what do you think?

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A lost opportunity?

Alan over at My PE has asked an interesting question.

He asked if Ironman has lost it’s public appeal.  I VEHEMENTLY denied that this is the case as the crowds supporting were larger than ever but I do agree with his answer to my comment.  More should be done to advertise our beautiful city.  Much, much more!

We have one of the most beautiful cities anywhere!  Our beaches are safe to swim at, our climate is great, we have fantastic roads to train on, we have top game farms close by and yet our tourism attractions are closing down. Why is this and who is to blame?  Is it the people that live in PE, is it the organisations that should be promoting PE, or is it just that our attractions are not in line with what tourists want when they come to a city. (FireFly – opinions would be greatly appreciated)

I agree with Alan that we have lost out on a great marketing opportunity in not getting more video footage out there.  Not making sure it was on the news (dratted Charl Schwartzel going and stealing our thunder) on every radio station and in all the national papers.

This event filled our city, now we just need to find a way to sure that these people come back, tell their friends about it and that they broadcast how fantastic the race and city was.  Everyone I know that has competed raves about the race and the city. We need more people raving about it.

I know that there are a lot of people working very hard to promote our city, but it is down to each and every individual that lives here.  We need to get the word out that this is a fantastic place to live and visit.

Crowds lined up at the start of IMSA 2011


Raynard Tissink, out the water after the first lap of the swim


Chrissie Wellington running her way to victory
Some of the supports lining the roads
One of my friends with her daughter cheering her on.


Crowds at the Finish Line


If you have a look at the photos and not just at the athletes you will see that there is HUGE crowd support.  We just need to broadcast it a bit.

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Ironman South Africa 2011

Here are some photos!

It was an awesome day, the weather was stunning and the racing was superb.

My sister, hidden amongst the the other 1800 athletes at the start.


The start


Yip, this guy swam in baggies. And in a good time too!


Raynard Tissink - local boy and Mens winner (again)


Chrissie Wellington, womans winner - faster overall marathon, new world record, 8th over all and the list goes on. FANTASTIC and so inspiring to watch.


My sister - who did fantastically well beating her previous best by 2 hours.


And there he is again... Look at his shoes! Yes he ran the whole marathon in slip slops.
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The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

A while back I asked for recommendations for books I could down load for my Kindle and somebody suggested The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

I can’t remember who it was but I want to say a HUGE thank you.  I LOVED the book.

At first I was not so sure, it is written in a style that I am unaccustomed to and it took some getting used to – about 3 pages and then I was hooked.

It is not a fast moving book, you pretty much know the story line as the narrator tells you most of it right at the beginning but it was still an awesome book.

I love reading, I really get into books and can get quite emotional (much more than movies) and this book had me BAWLING my eyes out and I loved it.  I have not cried that much while reading in ages.

It is set in Germany at the start of the Second World War and follows a young girl over a number of years.


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Practice makes…

well, not quite perfect but a whole lot better than last time. Although I still could not get the navy. 

Here are a few pictures of the biscuits I made for our board meeting. 

Company Logo


Getting better!


so what do you think – a little over the top???  Or is that only after I put them in individual packets with a little lable…..

Going to far???


Hmmm, so about that increase….

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I need to go for a run!

It is the SpecSavers Ironman South Africa this Sunday – and I feel like crying.

Last year I did not mind that much that I was not competing. Baby OL was only a couple of months old, but this year….. 

It just feels like I have gone from being this fit person who did stuff to, well….  I don’t know exactly.  To somebody who does nothing.  I know, I have a beautiful little girl, who I would not trade for the world and that priorities change and blah blah blah, but that does not help how I am feeling right now, ok it does a little bit but not much.  I also know that a lot of it is my own fault and although I could not have done Ironman I could b e a lot fitter. 

I went down to the beachfront today and they are busy setting up. The transition area is ready, the flags are flying it looks exciting.  I want to be there on the start line!  But in consolation I am going to do the swim for our company team in the Corporate Challenge. At least it is something I suppose!

Me, in 2009
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We have a almost walker…

We have an almost walker on our hands. More accurately we still have a crawler that has taken a few steps but decided that crawling is a lot more fun!

She took her first couple of steps on Friday – and as an April Fool’s Day joke decided to do it while I was at work – thanks!  But she took a few more over the weekend.  Now however she stands up, looks at us, laughs and then drops down and crawls off at breakneck speed giggling away.  I will be quite sad when she does start walking properly.  I love watching her crawl, she is so cute.  Walking means getting bigger and being a she will be a toddler.  At the moment I can still fool myself that she is a little baby.  One that just gets cuter and cuter each day.

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What do you give your kid.

How strict are you about what your child eats?

At the moment I am fortunate that she is at home so I have total control over her daily intake but do realise know that this will change when she hits the big bad world. 

I also realise that I might be slightly over the top with regards to some things but for now that is the way it is going to stay.  I don’t see the point of giving her chocolates or sweets.  I am not saying that she has never had anything with sugar in it, or salt but I am very conscious about what I give her.  She has had Flings a couple times, jelly and custard at parties and loves Boudoir (Finger) biscuits. She also had her first taste of carrot cake this weekend (carrot is healthy isn’t it?) but these are rare occasions.

One thing I have realised since becoming a parent is how vastly different each person is in what they deem “acceptable” for their child, and who is to say what is correct.  Will my restriction on sweets make her crave them, or gobble them in secret when she is older, or will it be a case of don’t miss what you don’t know?  I mean obviously there are some absolute NO NO’s that most normal people would know are totally unacceptable, hmmm, McDonalds to a 6 month old…. Maybe not. 

But the rest – shades of grey.  I mean at least I waited till she was 13months before giving her KFC….

Talking about children and their nutrition Lipgloss Ninja has a giveaway on her blog – pop over there and go and check it out.  Or don’t, so I have more chance of winning it.

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Messy play – is it really necessary?

I have been worried about Baby OL being bored at home. She loves it when we go out, she is social, waves at everyone and is quite a little show off.  It is very cute.  I have also been worried that she is not getting enough stimulation so I have been reading books and blogs on activities for a 1 year old.  And it turns out I am doing ok.

The biggest thing seems to be messy play.  Now, I don’t really understand the need for this…. Don’t most 1 year olds get enough of that when they eat – or is that just mine?

On the weekends I don’t tend to bother about how much mess she makes, as long as some food goes in her mouth.  It is summer here, so most of the time I just strip off all her clothes and let her loose.  Generally I give her a spoon and keep one for myself (to actually feed her with).  I will let her put her spoon in the bowl but that normally progresses to fingers. 

One of the other things I let her do is stick her hands in the cat’s kibble when I am feeding them.  She gets so carried away she ends up with both hands in up to her elbows in the container.  But she seems to love it.  I guess the only problem is that the food is slightly oily and the crumbs stick to her fingers. She then tries to lick her hands – gross – cat food, but she does not seem to mind the taste (I am sure if she did she would stop doing it).

I have also recently let her loose with playdough.  Oh the joys, she flings it all over the place, mooshes her hands in it and generally just has a ball.  I was initially worried about her trying to eat it but then read a post that Teacher Tom wrote about Natural Consequence – something along the lines of the only way kids are going to realise it is not nice to eat is if they try it. He was right, she only attempted to eat it once. (Love his blog)

We also read a lot, she loves books and music, she also loves stacking things and we have a shape sorters and stuff like that.  I love giving her something and then letting her figure out various things to do with it – like the spaghetti.  It was really cute to watch her experiment with it, eat it, play with it and eventually decorate the cat in it.  As she is getting older it is amazing to watch how quickly she will learn something.  Last week she figured out how to make one of her toys play musical tunes (this week it has no batteries).

I am also amazed at how much she actually understands.  I found this out the other day when I was asking why she had so much avocado in her hair… And she then pointed to her hair.  I followed up by asking where was her hair and she pointed again.  I now know she know bottom and toes as well….

I have decided to hold off on playschool for now.  Firstly I can’t find one I like and secondly she is still really young.  My mom is going to start coming round during the day and taking her out on little outings.  I am also arranging more play dates and things for her on the weekends (which also gives me an excuse to meet up with my friends).