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We have a almost walker…

We have an almost walker on our hands. More accurately we still have a crawler that has taken a few steps but decided that crawling is a lot more fun!

She took her first couple of steps on Friday – and as an April Fool’s Day joke decided to do it while I was at work – thanks!  But she took a few more over the weekend.  Now however she stands up, looks at us, laughs and then drops down and crawls off at breakneck speed giggling away.  I will be quite sad when she does start walking properly.  I love watching her crawl, she is so cute.  Walking means getting bigger and being a she will be a toddler.  At the moment I can still fool myself that she is a little baby.  One that just gets cuter and cuter each day.


5 thoughts on “We have a almost walker…

  1. Congrats – running yet? before you know it you will find your child on the dinning room table dancing

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