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What do you give your kid.

How strict are you about what your child eats?

At the moment I am fortunate that she is at home so I have total control over her daily intake but do realise know that this will change when she hits the big bad world. 

I also realise that I might be slightly over the top with regards to some things but for now that is the way it is going to stay.  I don’t see the point of giving her chocolates or sweets.  I am not saying that she has never had anything with sugar in it, or salt but I am very conscious about what I give her.  She has had Flings a couple times, jelly and custard at parties and loves Boudoir (Finger) biscuits. She also had her first taste of carrot cake this weekend (carrot is healthy isn’t it?) but these are rare occasions.

One thing I have realised since becoming a parent is how vastly different each person is in what they deem “acceptable” for their child, and who is to say what is correct.  Will my restriction on sweets make her crave them, or gobble them in secret when she is older, or will it be a case of don’t miss what you don’t know?  I mean obviously there are some absolute NO NO’s that most normal people would know are totally unacceptable, hmmm, McDonalds to a 6 month old…. Maybe not. 

But the rest – shades of grey.  I mean at least I waited till she was 13months before giving her KFC….

Talking about children and their nutrition Lipgloss Ninja has a giveaway on her blog – pop over there and go and check it out.  Or don’t, so I have more chance of winning it.

5 thoughts on “What do you give your kid.

  1. I am rather conservative, and was even more so with no 1. And then she started to be a total pig at birthday parties – stuffing herself with sweets. The sister then told me to have a day a week (say Saturday) that is sweetie day – then they can get some sweets and enjoy it.And will stem that sweet craving in a controlled way.

  2. I was very conservative with my first, but a lot less stress with POlly.

    I am very lucky though in that both my girls eat just about whatever I put in front of them. They’re not picky/fussy eaters at all. Perhaps it’s because I pretty much mushed all their foods together when they were young.

    My girls have a sweet/sweet treat a day tho. But they also have tons of veges/protein so i figure it’s ok.

  3. I am also relatively strict with the food for little ones…and they are allowed a sweet tread after they have finished their meal. Ouma’s place must however always be a place of fun…so I will not push to hard;-)

  4. We watch what the kids eat and during the week its pretty healthy but over weekends we do tend to be alot more relaxed but hardly do take outs etc.

    Personally I am not convinced that sweets are as much of a problem as pizza, Mc Ds etc

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