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I need to go for a run!

It is the SpecSavers Ironman South Africa this Sunday – and I feel like crying.

Last year I did not mind that much that I was not competing. Baby OL was only a couple of months old, but this year….. 

It just feels like I have gone from being this fit person who did stuff to, well….  I don’t know exactly.  To somebody who does nothing.  I know, I have a beautiful little girl, who I would not trade for the world and that priorities change and blah blah blah, but that does not help how I am feeling right now, ok it does a little bit but not much.  I also know that a lot of it is my own fault and although I could not have done Ironman I could b e a lot fitter. 

I went down to the beachfront today and they are busy setting up. The transition area is ready, the flags are flying it looks exciting.  I want to be there on the start line!  But in consolation I am going to do the swim for our company team in the Corporate Challenge. At least it is something I suppose!

Me, in 2009

4 thoughts on “I need to go for a run!

  1. It’s that old saying of you can have everything, just not at the same time. I think professional sports people must feel the same way when they retire.

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