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Ironman South Africa 2011

Here are some photos!

It was an awesome day, the weather was stunning and the racing was superb.

My sister, hidden amongst the the other 1800 athletes at the start.


The start


Yip, this guy swam in baggies. And in a good time too!


Raynard Tissink - local boy and Mens winner (again)


Chrissie Wellington, womans winner - faster overall marathon, new world record, 8th over all and the list goes on. FANTASTIC and so inspiring to watch.


My sister - who did fantastically well beating her previous best by 2 hours.


And there he is again... Look at his shoes! Yes he ran the whole marathon in slip slops.

6 thoughts on “Ironman South Africa 2011

  1. I didn’t do the Ironman photographer thing this year. I struggle too much with the speed of my vamera for the action shots. Perhaps next year again.

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