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“Bat”tling to sleep

So last night I woke up hearing this weird sound in our bedroom.  I thought at first it was a mouse or something else that the cat had brought in, then possibly a small bird or maybe a moth as there was this flapping sound.  Then this horrendous smell, URGH! 

Mr OL woke up and I asked him if he knew what the hell the noise was.  We turned on the light to see this shadow swooping around above us. A very large moth??? NOPE a BAT!!! What the heck – there was a bat in our bedroom.  I have absolutely NO idea how it got there. The only window open in the entire house was down the passage – and the only cat that was inside is not a very good hunter – fighter yes, but hunter not at all.  He has never ever caught a single thing before so I really doubt he would have caught a bat?

We have very large sliding doors leading into our bedroom so luckily it did not take the bat that long to find its way out of them.  It was a bit freaky as I have no idea how on earth it got inside, but at least I don’t mind bats too much.

The only problem was that Baby OL has taken to waking up at night – and this was the first night in a while that she was sleeping soundly. Typical – I still did not get a full night’s sleep.