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“Bat”tling to sleep

So last night I woke up hearing this weird sound in our bedroom.  I thought at first it was a mouse or something else that the cat had brought in, then possibly a small bird or maybe a moth as there was this flapping sound.  Then this horrendous smell, URGH! 

Mr OL woke up and I asked him if he knew what the hell the noise was.  We turned on the light to see this shadow swooping around above us. A very large moth??? NOPE a BAT!!! What the heck – there was a bat in our bedroom.  I have absolutely NO idea how it got there. The only window open in the entire house was down the passage – and the only cat that was inside is not a very good hunter – fighter yes, but hunter not at all.  He has never ever caught a single thing before so I really doubt he would have caught a bat?

We have very large sliding doors leading into our bedroom so luckily it did not take the bat that long to find its way out of them.  It was a bit freaky as I have no idea how on earth it got inside, but at least I don’t mind bats too much.

The only problem was that Baby OL has taken to waking up at night – and this was the first night in a while that she was sleeping soundly. Typical – I still did not get a full night’s sleep.


9 thoughts on ““Bat”tling to sleep

  1. Freaky stuff this bat business. Must admit I would be very freaked out by a bat!
    Hope your little girl sleeps through tonight and the bats stay the hell away!


  2. you sound so calm! i would have shrieked the house down, never mind a bat waking the sleeping baby, My shrieking would of!!!
    As for sleeping through, they def go through stages and just remember that it will come to pass again that she sleeps through the night:-)

  3. I am totally having a freak out moment thinking about it.

    Picture Jim Carey running out of the bat cave from Ace Ventura with his hands in the air and hitting his head… thats kind of what I am doing right now…

  4. Thank fully it was a one off and we have all be sleeping peacefully since – well except for an episode with a mosquito but thats another story.

    And thankfully Baby OL has gone back to being her delightful 12 hour a night baby. Oh joy…..

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