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My life in bullet points (and photos)

  • Francshhoek was awesome – Mr OL and I went there for a couple of days leaving Baby OL with my mom.  For those of you that live in the Western Cape, I hope you appreciate it.


Franschhoek Valley
  •  We bought too much wine (can you ever buy too much….) and have had it couriered home – nice.  My favorite wine farm was Beyerskloop – good staff, great CHEAP wine and it was free to taste!


    • Wine to taste at MoresonIt was COLD!


Simonsig - Stellenbosch
  • I STILL can’t get onto Blogspot blogs.  It is really beginning to annoy me! As 6000 said – don’t you all want to change to WordPress please?  I would really appreciate it, I miss being able to read your blogs.
  • I have a cold again – SUCKS!  I have not been sick for years and now have had a cold twice in the past 2 months.
  • Baby OL is a genius and ever so cute! 
  • I am home alone for a bit – Mr OL is travelling to Botswana for the next couple of weeks (months/years) Not that I am really alone, 2 very protective guard dogs and 2 not so protective cats and of course Baby OL.  Not to mention my wine drinking partner / neighbor and my mom who seems to be more at my place lately than her own (I love it).
  • I can’t get motivate for work today – hopefully tomorrow is better.  It better be – I have lots to do.
  • Although a procrastinator (see above) – I don’t know what has happened.  I have started looking at ideas for Baby OL’s 2nd birthday party –yes it is still 9 months away…  I am thinking of a Teddy Bear’s Picnic –w hat do you think?

Mother’s Day once again SUCKED!  For those of you with husbands that actually do something on days like this – like say Happy Mother’s Day to you I hope you appreciate it.  It is horrid when your husband refuses to acknowledge it.  He places it next to Valentine’s day which he also refuses to acknowledge.  Having a real little cutie pie makes it all worth while though.

Such a cutie pie!