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I have no words….  Look at this cake!

Sweetapolita's Asparagus cake!


Yes, it is all cake and icing.  Once again all I can say is wow.   Go to Sweetapolita’s blog to see more pictures of this cake, including one of what it looks like cut – YUM!

And yes, I did find it while searching for ideas for Baby OL’s 2nd birthday and yes I do realise I have a problem.


9 thoughts on “wow

  1. One thing that neither you nor this Sweetapolita (if that is her real name) person address is whether or not it makes your wee smell funny.

    1. Let’s put it this way, I would probably not buy or order this cake but I can totally appreciate the skill and effort that went into making it. It is funny and quirky and that is why I love it.

    1. Hi,yes I have but I think it said you need Google Chrome to use it and I am not allowed that at work

      Funnily enough, I just found it this week.

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