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I went on a Blind Date

Ok, not really, but that is how my husband described my lunch date today.  He also jokingly asked if I was cheating on him because I was so excited about it.

After years of following each other blogs, becoming Facebook friends and saying we MUST meet up, Lynette from A work in Progress and I finally did it and set a date.  Yay, lunch today!  I have been looking forward to it since the phone call.

Lynette and I

We went to Deli on Stanley Street.  The restaurant was cool and it was great to finally meet up. I  recognised her as soon as she walked in.  It is weird how much you actually know about somebody and they know about you, without having actually met before.  But then, I suppose we have quite a bit more contact than some of my real life friends.  She sees photos of Baby OL, hears what I am up to and plan on doing and visa versa. 

It just reminded me once again how much I love blogging. 

Deli on Stanley Street


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