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I went on a Blind Date

Ok, not really, but that is how my husband described my lunch date today.  He also jokingly asked if I was cheating on him because I was so excited about it.

After years of following each other blogs, becoming Facebook friends and saying we MUST meet up, Lynette from A work in Progress and I finally did it and set a date.  Yay, lunch today!  I have been looking forward to it since the phone call.

Lynette and I

We went to Deli on Stanley Street.  The restaurant was cool and it was great to finally meet up. I  recognised her as soon as she walked in.  It is weird how much you actually know about somebody and they know about you, without having actually met before.  But then, I suppose we have quite a bit more contact than some of my real life friends.  She sees photos of Baby OL, hears what I am up to and plan on doing and visa versa. 

It just reminded me once again how much I love blogging. 

Deli on Stanley Street


Behind the counter

19 thoughts on “I went on a Blind Date

  1. About blimin time I say!

    Yahoo. Isn’t Lynette just the most divine woman. I simply love her to bits.

    So glad that youfinally met up. People still look at me weirdly when I talk about meeting up with blogger friends – like i’m a weirdo and stalk them or something!

    1. Agreed – its about time! And yes, she is absolutely lovely. Its funny, I never used to mention that I blogged but now you are all too much part of my live to not mention (constantly)

  2. Sounds like fun!! I’ve never met another blogger (except of course people I knew before we started blogging).

    Actually, I’ve never met any cyber people in real life. But I know 2 married couples who met on the net. Both couples are an Aussie that met an American. And got married.

  3. A year and a half ago I was in Jhb for a show and was invited to lunch by one of my blog friends. He hubby picked me up and when I walked into their house she greeted me like we have known each other for years. And that is how the rest of the afternoon was spent. Speaking like old friends.

    1. It did feel like we have know each other for ages… And I suppose we have.

      And please – use the picture.

  4. Well it’s a small world 🙂 As I said your blogg is beautiful and interesting! Only upon meeting you did we find out that Lynette is someone that I’ll be meeting very soon too. Nice to see 2 fellow Tweeps read your blogg as well. Was fantastic meeting you. Look forward to our next meeting!

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