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Taking a drive

I am a bad blogger.  Mr OL, baby OL and I went for a drive on Wednesday – as you do when you get a new (for me) car….  YIPEE I got a new car.     (And yes it was after voting) BUT I did not take many photos. 

Bad, bad, bad blogger because the area and farm stalls we went to were divine and very photographable. The food was awesome and the scenery very pretty – and even worse was that I actually had my camera with me.

We drove out to Patensie, Mr OL had not been there before and I had not been in ages.  I had heard that there were a couple of really nice farmstalls so wanted to go have a look – and of course drive my car.  I was not disappointed.

Here is the one photo I did actually take!  Sweet….

Mr and Baby OL at Tolbos, Patensie


The farm stalls were Padlangs and Tolbos. Both really good. 

We had bean and veggie soup at Tolbos – yum!  It was cute, had loads of jams, olives, preserves etc as well as a few really nice décor items.  It also had a REALLY cute teddy bear but Baby OL has quite a few so I managed to put it down again.  The seating area outside is under cover and protected.  I really liked it, it had a variety of seating from comfy couches to bench tables.  LOVELY.

After that we drove on to Padlangs.  Also cute, more décor stuff than foods but very quaint.  Here I just had a scone with jam and cream.  Mr OL had a chicken pie and he said when the menue said stuffed full of chicken they were not joking.  It looked and smelt YUM!

4 thoughts on “Taking a drive

  1. The Patensie area just shouts out to be explored. Both the farm stalls are awesome indeed. I’ve been to Tolbos quite a lot with tourists before and know the owners quite well.

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