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Getting old – it SUCKS!

Getting old is a bitch!!!   It sucks.  As you get older your parents are getting older too….

Urgh!  For a while now we have been talking about trying to get my dad into an old age home or retirement village but he swops between wanting to go and not setting foot in a place like that. 

However today my brother phoned me and said that “Dad wrote off his car yesterday – but he is fine”  PANIC!!!!!!!  Yes, I got the “fine” part but still.

Thankfully my dad is fine, but I left his house crying.  I am not sure why – is it because I am worried about him or is it that I am worried about me?  And if it is because I am worried about me how selfish am I????  I thankfully have two siblings to help, but suddenly it seems over whelming. We need to get him somewhere with support but we need to try and do it while respecting his feelings.  He has always been a very domineering person and I don’t want to just step over that and put my foot down (which is pretty much what I do – I wonder where I get that from…..).  I also want him to stop driving and ironically enough my brother and I said that over the weekend.  This he refuses to do and wants to go and get a new car as soon as possible.  In the meantime we need to ensure that him and his dog have enough food and support.

Boy oh boy – this old age thing sucks!