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Big Trouble

I am in trouble…. big      BIG     BEEEEEEGGG        trouble!

I entered the Knysna ½ marathon – a whole 21.1km but have not put on my running shoes in ages.  And when I did it was because I needed to go outside and I did not want to get my slippers wet on the grass.

The race (walk, crawl, cry ) is in 3 weeks.  Holy moly what have I done…. I was psyched to do it, I was prepared, I had it all planned. And then each day for the past 3 months I pulled the blankets over my head, swearing I would start my plan the following day.  The following day just has not happened yet.

Oh, my goodness this is going to hurt – lots!

Unless of course I change plans – and swop to champagne and oysters instead of blood, sweat and tears!  Ah, the weekend might be good after all.

10 thoughts on “Big Trouble

  1. You will have a base fitness that will stand you in good stead, just get cracking TODAY and you will be okay. Its still gonna hurt BUT you will feel like a king, remember? 🙂

  2. Oh crap! I ran (walked) 5km last night. not so good. About being naturally fit, I don’t think so any more…. This is really going to hurt – LOTS. At least there is a public holiday and a weekend for me to get into it a bit more.

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