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Now I need to bake more.

I get stupid excited about certain things!  Like bouncing of the walls (internally) excited.  Today it is the internet – more specifically stuff that I have ordered from the internet .  I love the fact that I can order stuff from ½ way across the world and it gets delivered to my door!

Cookie Cutters - in the box

My latest purchase…. cookie cutters!  Now I know that you can buy them locally, I know that there is quite a variety (although not so much in PE) and I know that I should probably support the local economy but it is so exciting being able to find exactly what you want and then have it shipped to you.  How on earth did I cope a few years ago?

So, more about the cookie cutters I bought – They are so cute, now I just need to make some cookies.

Cookie Cutters - bunnies, tea pot and cup, a dancing bears and a ladybird!


cookie cutters - a balloon, a luggage tag, flowers and a star.

7 thoughts on “Now I need to bake more.

  1. I love baking and im getting so inspired to start baking more just by lookoing at your creations. I really think you need to send some samples through to CPT 🙂

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