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Weekend in photos

This weekend was fun…

On Saturday we went to the Kirkwood Wildsfees.  It was the first time I have been, and I did not expect as many people as there were.  It was packed.

Kirkwood Wildsfees
Cheese - Yum
I think Baby OL was more interested in pulling funny faces and “roaring” like a lion.
Funny Faces
Funny FacesFunny Faces


Funny Faces

Although I am not sure who was having the most fun here…..


4 thoughts on “Weekend in photos

    1. Luch – YAY!!!

      Funny, I was looking out for you in case you had gone through. Worth it… I am not sure. I enjoyed it and there was lots to see and do but it was R100 to get in. There were parts I really enjoyed, the cheese, oysters and gourmet style foods were great. There was also wine tasting but I had Baby OL with me and I was the driver so could take part in that.

      I think if you made a weekend off it, and went to the show etc it would have been great.

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