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Sensory boxes

I have been trying to think of ways to keep Baby OL entertained while at home so have been searching the internet for ideas.

One of the big things for kids of this age seems to be sensory boxes.  I have been battling with the idea as most of them seem to be made with dried beans.  Unfortunately everything goes into Baby OL’s mouth and I would have thought that beans would be be a choking hazard, so I have been trying to think of other things to fill them with.  In the end I came up with quite few alternatives, one of them being shredded paper and the other being oats.

Baby OL loves the box filled with the oats.  I hid a couple of toys in it and she digs around for ages.  I think the most fun is seeing how much she can get on the floor though.  Hmmm, we are now trying to learn “keep it in the box”.  It’s not going well…..


My other ideas are sea sand and water – we will play with those outside when it warms up a bit.


6 thoughts on “Sensory boxes

  1. What a fab idea! I used to do the cooked spaghetti thang. I also remember my kids used to LOVE shredding the paper themselves – i remember peals of laughter as they discovered this. Hmmm, so nostalgic now. 🙂

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