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Awesome, awesome, awesome weekend

WARNING – this is a looooong post!

I had an awesome weekend!

It started at about 12 on Friday afternoon when I met up with Shayne and Lynette, two amazing fellow bloggers for lunch.  I had met Lynette once before but it was the first time I was meeting Shayne.  All I can say is that it was such pity that I had to rush off after only an hour and a half.  I could have stayed and chatted for ages.  Thanks so much ladies, I could not have asked for a better start to the weekend.

But the Garden Route was calling…  Woo hoo!  To say I was excited would not really cover it.  I was excited and nervous.  I mean, seriously I had not run more than once a month for the past 4 months and here I was thinking I could run a half marathon.  Madness!!!!  But well, I am not known to over train and it was ONLY a half marathon….  Nothing right! cough, splutter choke…. 

I dropped Mr OL and baby in Plett at Goose Valley where we were staying and carried on to Knysna to register.  It was packed, but who should I bump into at registration – my mom.  She was doing the sensible thing and giving away her registration.  Me, not so much.  After registering I drove back to Plett, had dinner and went to bed.  At midnight Mr OL woke up violently ill.  At that stage I did not think I would be running after all.  I mean there was NO way he could watch Baby OL in that state. Thankfully whatever was in his system was now out and by morning he was much better.

Driving through to the start in the morning I realised I must be mad, here I was planning on standing out in the cold waiting for a taxi to the start and then waiting in the forest in running shorts, vest and a blanket over my shoulders – it was 5˚C for a race I had not even trained for! Crazy.  To make matters much worse the race start was delayed by 55minutes!  But, I thought I was looking pretty good, all the girls in our running club decided to wear bunny ears, a pink tutu skirt and pink long socks.  This bunny was looking fine – or so I thought until this COW said “you must be Heather’s mom!”   MOM – for %$@#$^T#$ sake!  I know I am her slightly older sister and I had no make-up on and it was 6 am but MOM!  Jeez, my sister is 30! All I kept thinking to myself afterwards was “this bunny and that cow will never be friends!”

Oh well, at least the actual race went better.  I went slowly right from the start and I was amazed.  I besides the hectic downhill at Simola I did not walk much at all, in fact I walked less this time than in any of the other 3 I have done.  I just ran very, very slowly.  But it went well, I had planned on taking just under 3 hours (cut off) and with 4Km to go it looked like I might even get under 2h30.  I realised then that I am actually just a little bit competitive because the thought did cross my mind to try and do it.  But then sanity prevailed.  I looked around and realise that the lagoon was beautiful, it is one of my favourite places, I had a long time till the finish and the weather was stunning, so I stopped a walked.  I walked almost the entire cobbled area along the lagoon, just because I could.  And I am glad I did.  I enjoyed this race more than any of the other Knysna races I have done.  I feel the best afterward and I still did it in 2h42.42.  With NO training.  Shows what starting slowly can actually do.

After the race I headed back to Plett and my family.   It appears as if they had plenty of fun without me. Baby OL discovered the Guinea Fowl are not that intelligent but are more fun to chase than a tortoise.  Goose Valley is a fantastic place to stay with kids.

Enjoying Plett

On Sunday we took a leisurely drive back, we stopped for breakfast at Old Nick Village, went to the farm stall Thyme and again  where we bought a delicous apple tart (which we had for dinner) at Keurbooms and then drove through to Patensie again and went back to Tolbos which we loved the first time we visited.

Enjoying breakfast at Old Nick's

All in all it was a fantastic weekend!  Hope yours were all just as good.

 Also well done to Claerwen on her first half marathon.  I am very impressed, well done.

12 thoughts on “Awesome, awesome, awesome weekend

  1. Although I don’t run, I’ve always said that I would love to do a Knysna Forest half marathon. Perhaps if I strart working on it I can do it next year.

  2. Where is a pic of you with your tutu and bunny ears!

    It was great to meet you, I was also sorry that you had to rush off. I definately felt that we could have chatted all day! next time …

    congrats on completing the race in under 3 hrs. Yay you.


  3. Congrats on running an awesome race!
    I am running my first ever race on Womans day. It is going to be a 5km race. Not as long as yours but, it’s a start. I hope to get to where you are in the next 2 years.

    1. When I started running I never thought I would do anything more than 10km. I thought that was so far. It is surprising how quickly your perception of distance changes as you fitness improves. And what surprised me the most was how noticible the change in fitness was and how quickly it happened.
      Good luck with your race and remember the most important thing – enjoy!

  4. So proud of you…you did it! I would love to see a pic of you in the tutu and bunny ears…and you should have offered the “cow” an appointment to an optometrist.

  5. I also want to see that tutu etc! Congrats on your great run. Gosh and Lynette and Shayne at the same time – double bonus! Two fantastic ladies. Love them both to bits.

    1. After coughing and spluttering, I just said “sister, sister not mom!” And left it at that. I then “cried” on my sister’s shoulder

  6. Craig says that you know you’re a runner when your body “remembers”, even though you haven’t trained much. So, you really are a runner!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    1. Runner…. Not so sure. But I do enjoy it. I think that taking it so slow was the best idea. Also because I am not scared of distance after Ironman that really gives you the confidence to just do it.

  7. My mom took photos of the ears and tutu, but has not sent them to me yet. As soon as I have one I will post it (maybe)

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