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Is he yours???

This cat has decided to make himself at home in our front garden.  He is very friendly, gets on well with children and other cats but he is not neutered.  I don’t know if he is somebody in the neighbourhooods or if he has decided to adopt us.  Personally I think he has the hots for Miss Molly – our little black cat. 

I want somebody to claim him – so I can shout at them for not having him neutered.  And if he is not anyones then I think a trip to the vets is called for.  And a name….

The funny part is that when my sister was the age that Baby OL is now a ginger cat adopted our family then and stayed with us for 18 years until he passed away. They look VERY similar.

8 thoughts on “Is he yours???

  1. Oh he is so cute. I would adopt him too. Take him to the SPCA and get them to give him the chop.

    You don’t want a million Miss Molly’s taking over your home 🙂

    Been wondering how you are – you have been v quiet. Mail me if you want x

  2. We have also been adopted by a ginger cat, who is called Andy, but we all call him cat. He sleeps here and is beginning to want to eat here too, but lives right next door!!
    I think you should adopt your ginger cat, he is very cute:-)

  3. @ Shayne, thankfully Miss Molly has been spade, so no worries about a million little ones. The problem with this cat is because he is not neutered he sprays all over the place. I am going to send out notices in the neighbourhood to find out if he belongs to anyone, if not I will get him neutered.

    Kirsten – he is lovely

    Imsonotablogger. I would love to adopt him but we have so many animals already – and Bacardi is not a fan. Lots of hissing and spitting and running and hiding under the couch. And we thought he was a fighter…..

  4. I walked around the neighbourhood yesterday dropping of letters in peoples post boxes with his picture. It worked and I have found his owner, he lives a couple of doors down from us. They have promised me that they will have him neutered this week.

    He is gorgeous!

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