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One thing I don’t want to screw up!

I think I am a pretty secure and confident person – most of the time.  Yes I sometimes think people are speaking about me or saying something negative, when generally they aren’t. But I also have my moments when I think they are saying something good.  I am reasonably confident with my body, my intelligence and feel I can hold a conversation.

But there is one area where I am hugely insecure – Baby OL.  What the heck makes me think I can be a parent or at least a good parent???  I have successfully managed to get through the first year with a friendly, loving and happy little girl but how do I ensure that she stays that way.  Parenting is a minefield. There are so many things that influence a person’s life and most seem quite inconsequential at the time. 

How are the choices I make and the things I do and say going to affect her later in life? I don’t want to screw this up.


9 thoughts on “One thing I don’t want to screw up!

  1. Parenting is hard…. no doubt about that, but also so rewarding. Undescribably so. Just keep on loving her, teaching her right from wrong and leading by example…. you’ll see, they emulate EVERYTHING you do. And when they make you proud by their actions or achievements… man, your heart could just explode with pride and love! She’ll be fine x x

  2. Ha! You have just said what every mother feels. And if they say they are totally confident all the time with their parenting they are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!


  3. Stop thinking about it like you are either going to fail or succeed.

    If I had to sit around everyday and think about how badly I could mess up J’s life I dont think I would ever leave the house!

    You are doing the best job you can do and it will be the best for your child, whichever way you look at it.

    When she is older, she might not think that you did the best job, but once she has kids, she will look back and thank you for everything you did for her…

  4. This is something I have thought about a LOT over the nearly 22 years that I have been a mom.

    The thing is, as with anything else, when it comes to parenting there will be times when you WILL screw up – we all do, we screw up in some way or another in everything we do.

    When I was a new mom I used to obsess over every thing I did wrong, get myself into a complete tizzy, beating myself up over every stupid parenting mistake, but eventually (and it took a loooong time!) I realised that I had to accept that I was going to make mistakes and they were just that, mistakes, it didn’t make me a bad parent! I had to learn from the mistake, accept that I wasn’t Supermom and move on.

    Ultimately, if you parent your child from a position of complete and utter unconditional love and simply do your best, then you can’t go wrong. That’s my take on it anyway 🙂

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