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It gets easier – really??

So to all those people that said the new baby stage is really difficult but not to worry it gets easier… What did you just never have toddlers?????

There are two areas of concern at the moment – sleep and eat.  She won’t do either.  Well not for me at least.  For the nanny she does both perfectly…. I am not sure what is up with that???

Here is a picture of her taking her lunch time nap yesterday – which I eventually got her down for at 4:15!  Only 4 hours later than she should have been.

Doesn’t she just look the picture of innocence?  Just as well she is so cute otherwise she would be in big trouble.  I must admit though that I am loving this age.  But then I have loved every age.  I am really lucky – she is such a happy child.



I eventually woke her at 5:30pm or I would never have gotten her back to sleep again at 7!  Normally if you just walk past her room she wakes up.  Not this time.  We went in, opened the curtains, took photos etc and still slept.  So cute – I never get to see her sleep unless it is in the car.

And then just a general update:  Thankfully we have had sleep though nights again over the weekend.  Even if on Sunday she was up rather early.

My ribs went from bad to worse to “oh my god I am dying” – panic phone call to my mom.  Thankfully it was nothing that a trip to the chiropractor, doctor and then pharmacist for a few myprodol could not fix.  Unfortunately I had to cancel my bike ride…  Not a happy girl, but at least I am not dead.  Who know that muscle and bones could cause so much pain. 

In the Sanlam Start Something competition I won money! yay.  Not the main prize of R50 000 but enough to make me smile quietly.  


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Life in Bullets!

Yes, that is what my blogging has come down to. 

  • My sleep-through from 9 weeks baby has gone!!!!!  What the heck has happened?  Twice this week she has woken at 11pm or there about and would not go down till after 3am.  I need more sleep than that.  Any ideas??  She turns 18 months and it all goes to pot.
  • I won a prize in the Sanlam Start Something competition.  Unfortunately not the main prize but at least it was something.  I entered the lottery because I thought I might be on a winning streak but no such luck…..
  • It’s Friday!!!
  • I am addicted to!
  • I am going to get on my bicycle tomorrow.  The first time in over 2 years.  I am scared.
  • I am reading “A new husband by Friday” it did not work.  The old one is still here….  Ok jokes aside I am actually quite enjoying the book so far but am only on Tuesday.  It makes sense so far…  Monday was on how men and women although equal are very different.  I have not quite figured out what Tuesday is about yet.
  • When I woke up at 11pm (see first bullet) I had pains in my chest – lower left side.  Not heart, if felt more like my ribs were too small or something.  OUCH! Every time I take a breath I am in agony.  Laughing is out!  Thankfully my Chiropractor has space this morning.  I have mentioned before but I love him!  Hopefully he can fix this.  I tried rolling over an exercise ball and using my foam roller this morning but no good.  Trying to sleep next to a squiggling toddler did not help. 
  • I am loving my job at the moment
  • I have enrolled in another exam.  Not necessary for my position but I feel like it.  Do I need my head read?  I am planning on doing the Key Individual FAIS exam….
  • Operation-get-in-shape is not off to a very good start….


That’s about it!  Another week down, nearly another month down, I know we all say this but time is flying!

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When I have kids I will NEVER….

“My daughter is NEVER going to the Spur. She is going to learn the value of going to a good restaurant, sitting properly and savouring the feelings that come with good food.”

Yip, that lasted until she was 18months and 5 days old.  I took her to the Spur yesterday… And I have created a monster – BAD mommy.

Somebody in the house (I will not name names but will say that Mr OL was not in the country) NEEDED a Spur burger with cheese sauce. 

While I was waiting for my take-away I took Baby OL to the kiddies play area.  At first she just stood there and looked in amazement at the kids and toys and stuff, but it did not take her long to get the hang of it…  Eventually when my burger was ready I had to drag her out of there tucked under my arm kicking and screaming. 

So – first experience of the Spur, it did not involve food (for her) but did involve running around, causing mayhem, normal Spur behavior.

Edited to add:  At this stage I need to confess that I worked at various Spurs in PE and Cape Town …… for 4 and a bit years.  I love their cheese sauce burgers – especially from Silver Cloud Spur in Newton Park.  YUM!

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Just what I needed!

My hair dresser – stylist or whatever you want to call them is expensive.  I think he probably ranks up there with the most expensive in PE if not top of the list.  But I have decided he is worth it – if not from a hairdressing point of view (which he is) but from a pure entertainment point of view.  

Yesterday I was a stress bubble, but when I left there my jaws were aching from laughing so hard.  At one stage we realised that the rest of the studio was silent and we were not – in fact we were laughing so much that I think we were crying.  I am not sure I can show my face there for a while – the little old lady sitting at the mirror opposite might have been blushing on my behalf.  Oops…..

Now I know what you are thinking – gay, camp, over the top.  Nope – straight. Just down right funny!  I have been going to him now for 11 years and have joked that I will be hobbling in there with my Zimmer frame – as long as his eye sight is still fine to cut hair.  He reminded me not so politely that I am older than him and I would probably not be able to see the style anyway.

So, Alfie from Crimpers – Thank you!!! You were just what I needed yesterday.  To the little old lady that was sitting opposite…. sorry.

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Hair today….

Thank goodness I have a hair appointment today, who knew when I booked it so many weeks ago I would need it so badly.  And I am not just talking about my hair.

I am a stress bubble and having my hair played with and my head massaged is just what I need.  I might fall asleep.  Actually I will probably fall asleep.  Lets hope I don’t snore, or drool – or in our family more likely fart…. that would be embarrasing….

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Party, party

I turn 40 next year and my friends have been giving me grief about not already having started planning my party.

The problem was I could not decide if I actually wanted one…. I have however decided that I do. 

Now what to do????? 

My thoughts so far;  A cocktail party where everyone needs to dress smart – girls in cocktail dresses and boys in ties or suits (or at least smart pants)  If I can get my brother out of flip flops and shorts it will be a win. 

Décor idea:  loads of fairy lights (any excuse).  Thankfully we have Christmas in between and Game and Pick n Pay both usually have fantastic selections and I really need more anyway…Well ok I don’t but once again – any excuse.  I love fairy lights – I only buy the white lights and keep them up all year round, in trees, around curtain rods, around picture frames – anywhere.  I love the subtle light they give off and you don’t have to worry about knocking candles over.

So, now not only do I have Baby OL’s second party to plan I have my 40th.  Can’t wait!  (for the party, not the birthday)

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I received a parcel in the post


I ordered a couple of books from at the beginning of the month and they arrived today…  Even better than Kalahari’s promised delivery time of the same books and cost nearly R200 less even including the shipping.



The packaging they arrived in seemed a bit of an overkill though….



Yes, that does say United States Postal Services…  LOL.  

I am determined to teach myself how to bake decent cakes by the end of the year!

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240 months – that is it!

The man who acted as our driver/messenger at work recently passed away – my condolences to his family.  I did not know him all that well so have offered to man the phones whilst the others in the company attend his funeral today.

His death however has got me thinking….  This man worked his entire life and only retired about 2 months ago.  He was already pretty sick and quite a bit older than the standard retirement age.  He had said that he could not afford to retire before.  I don’t want to be like that.

I want to be able to enjoy my time as I get older and hopefully I am healthy enough to do so.  But I also plan on being young enough to do so.  Retirement planning is so important and I don’t think it is something I think about enough.  Yes, I know I will have enough to live off (I think), but will I have enough to have fun off. 

I look at my mom, she is loving life. She was not sure if she should retire because she enjoyed her job but now, wow…. she has never been as busy.  She is gallivanting all over the place, seeing the country and beyond.  She has found a new man who can do this with her and they are having a ball.  I hope to be like that.  I want to be able to enjoy myself.

So I guess it is best that I head off to my financial planner pretty soon.  If you break it down the figures are VERY scary.  I am nearly 40, if I want to retire at 60 that means I have 20 years left to work. That means that I only have 240 months of pay left in which to do something about my future income.  YIKES!!!! What is your financial future looking like?