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Life in bullets

I was thinking that I should possibly do a “life in bullets” post, but then realised that is basically what my last few posts have been.

Not much has been happening around this neck of the woods lately….  Here goes anyway.

  • On Saturday I ran a 10km race.  My slowest to date but at least I did it.
  • Sunday was fantastic, Baby OL and I went down to the beachfront (see pic in post below).  It was an awesome day and the Winter Ocean Racing Series was on.  I just watched.  1km in freezing (16C) water was not going to happen.  We then went with my sister for breakfast and basically just hang out.  Loved it.
  • Mr OL is away on business, but back tonight. 
  • I am working a half day tomorrow and have taken Monday off so I have an extended long weekend (Tuesday is a public holiday in SA).  Yay.   Can’t wait – 4 days of leave. 
  • I tried baking a cake – from scratch.  It was a disaster and landed in the bin.  I need to try again.  At least the icing was great – bowl licking great in fact.
  • On my way home from work last night I saw a man drinking beer whilst driving in peak traffic.  SHOCKING!!!!!!!!  I took a photo – whilst stopped at the traffic lights.

And that is about it. 

Yes, that is a beer bottle...

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