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A not so subtle hint…

Ok, that is it… Operation “Get in shape” needs to kick off in a serious way!

Yesterday two – NOT just one but TWO people in the space of 15 minutes asked me if I was pregnant! 

Before you start asking – NO I am NOT!! 

I could probably reason with myself and say I was standing badly or something but two….  I need to take the hint and hit the road……


9 thoughts on “A not so subtle hint…

  1. That post preggers belly does weird things if you dont suck it in….trust me…i have been asked the same thing! Not amusing at all but whatever it takes to get you back OUT THERE!!

  2. As the weather warms, I also start to feel the need to ‘get back in shape’. Rugby season does nothing for the figure – too much post match beer.

    So, training begins TODAY!!

    I want to tick ‘½ marathon’ off my bucket list!

  3. Thanks all, unfortunately I can’t really blame this on post preggie belly as it was not there a couple of months ago. I think it had more to do with the copious amount I had to eat over the long weekend and serious lack of exercise.

    Operation-get-in-shape however did not get off to a very good start. I baked cookies last night and then dipped them in chocolate. And then promptly ate about 1/2 the batch…. Oops!

  4. Nope, it s a hint to start runnning again and to get on my bicycle…. Or at least that is what I am taking it as.

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