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240 months – that is it!

The man who acted as our driver/messenger at work recently passed away – my condolences to his family.  I did not know him all that well so have offered to man the phones whilst the others in the company attend his funeral today.

His death however has got me thinking….  This man worked his entire life and only retired about 2 months ago.  He was already pretty sick and quite a bit older than the standard retirement age.  He had said that he could not afford to retire before.  I don’t want to be like that.

I want to be able to enjoy my time as I get older and hopefully I am healthy enough to do so.  But I also plan on being young enough to do so.  Retirement planning is so important and I don’t think it is something I think about enough.  Yes, I know I will have enough to live off (I think), but will I have enough to have fun off. 

I look at my mom, she is loving life. She was not sure if she should retire because she enjoyed her job but now, wow…. she has never been as busy.  She is gallivanting all over the place, seeing the country and beyond.  She has found a new man who can do this with her and they are having a ball.  I hope to be like that.  I want to be able to enjoy myself.

So I guess it is best that I head off to my financial planner pretty soon.  If you break it down the figures are VERY scary.  I am nearly 40, if I want to retire at 60 that means I have 20 years left to work. That means that I only have 240 months of pay left in which to do something about my future income.  YIKES!!!! What is your financial future looking like?


10 thoughts on “240 months – that is it!

  1. You should feel the sheer terror of being six years away from official retirement age and knowing you can’t afford to retire then, if ever!

  2. Right now on my own its looking a little bleak with the start of the new business BUT this is why I am making sure my son does some sort of well paying sport ;-p

    It is scary though!!!

  3. I think Baby OL’s second birthday present will either be a set of golf clubs or a tennis racket. Lets just hope she takes after her dad…. I can’t hit, catch or throw to save my life…

  4. Funnily enough there was an article in today’s local paper about exactly this.

    They said that to adequately prepare you need to save 15% of your wages for 35 years. I think I missed the boat!!! Yikes

  5. That means I have less than 10 years till retirement. In the line of work we are in, we will probably just downscale and spend less time at work as time goes on.

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