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Party, party

I turn 40 next year and my friends have been giving me grief about not already having started planning my party.

The problem was I could not decide if I actually wanted one…. I have however decided that I do. 

Now what to do????? 

My thoughts so far;  A cocktail party where everyone needs to dress smart – girls in cocktail dresses and boys in ties or suits (or at least smart pants)  If I can get my brother out of flip flops and shorts it will be a win. 

Décor idea:  loads of fairy lights (any excuse).  Thankfully we have Christmas in between and Game and Pick n Pay both usually have fantastic selections and I really need more anyway…Well ok I don’t but once again – any excuse.  I love fairy lights – I only buy the white lights and keep them up all year round, in trees, around curtain rods, around picture frames – anywhere.  I love the subtle light they give off and you don’t have to worry about knocking candles over.

So, now not only do I have Baby OL’s second party to plan I have my 40th.  Can’t wait!  (for the party, not the birthday)

11 thoughts on “Party, party

  1. you and me both….and Kirsty I think? i havent decided what to do either. seems like a mission … mine is only at the end of next year so I still have time on my side! I like the sound of yours…any excuse to dress up is good! (but not too often!)

  2. yip… all 3 of us ’72’ers…. ay, ’72 was a good year… it produced us 3!! thats reason to celebrate alone, is it not? Maybe we all should all get tgether to celebrate… somewhere neutral…like…. MAURITIUS!!! Yeah baby :0)

  3. I planned a “Casino Royale” theme for my 40th but my friends told me that they wouldn’t dress up, so we had a 70s/80s theme instead. It was great fun!

  4. My mrs turns 40 in Feb and somebody has already asked her what she is going to do. Her answer apparently was, “Why, its just another birthday.” We will have to make a plan.

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