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Just what I needed!

My hair dresser – stylist or whatever you want to call them is expensive.  I think he probably ranks up there with the most expensive in PE if not top of the list.  But I have decided he is worth it – if not from a hairdressing point of view (which he is) but from a pure entertainment point of view.  

Yesterday I was a stress bubble, but when I left there my jaws were aching from laughing so hard.  At one stage we realised that the rest of the studio was silent and we were not – in fact we were laughing so much that I think we were crying.  I am not sure I can show my face there for a while – the little old lady sitting at the mirror opposite might have been blushing on my behalf.  Oops…..

Now I know what you are thinking – gay, camp, over the top.  Nope – straight. Just down right funny!  I have been going to him now for 11 years and have joked that I will be hobbling in there with my Zimmer frame – as long as his eye sight is still fine to cut hair.  He reminded me not so politely that I am older than him and I would probably not be able to see the style anyway.

So, Alfie from Crimpers – Thank you!!! You were just what I needed yesterday.  To the little old lady that was sitting opposite…. sorry.


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