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When I have kids I will NEVER….

“My daughter is NEVER going to the Spur. She is going to learn the value of going to a good restaurant, sitting properly and savouring the feelings that come with good food.”

Yip, that lasted until she was 18months and 5 days old.  I took her to the Spur yesterday… And I have created a monster – BAD mommy.

Somebody in the house (I will not name names but will say that Mr OL was not in the country) NEEDED a Spur burger with cheese sauce. 

While I was waiting for my take-away I took Baby OL to the kiddies play area.  At first she just stood there and looked in amazement at the kids and toys and stuff, but it did not take her long to get the hang of it…  Eventually when my burger was ready I had to drag her out of there tucked under my arm kicking and screaming. 

So – first experience of the Spur, it did not involve food (for her) but did involve running around, causing mayhem, normal Spur behavior.

Edited to add:  At this stage I need to confess that I worked at various Spurs in PE and Cape Town …… for 4 and a bit years.  I love their cheese sauce burgers – especially from Silver Cloud Spur in Newton Park.  YUM!


6 thoughts on “When I have kids I will NEVER….

  1. Oh no, listen. spurs are the saviour in terms of semi-decent kiddie food and their play areas

    it means that DH & I can go out, and actually ‘have a conversation’ without kids interupting us every 2 mins. Because d plays on the computer games and O in the play area.

    And their food isn’t too bad i don’t think.

  2. Hi Shayne. I can totally see how they can be saviours. And, well their food can’t be bad – It is all I ate for nearly 4 years. LOL.

  3. I’m with Shayne! If I want to go out and eat a meal without getting indigestion, then a ‘pub’ with a kids area is the way to go. (We only have 2 Spurs in Australia and both are in Sydney).

    It’s either the pub (which are almost like Spurs, not bars at all) or McDonalds! They ALL have play areas, but the food… :-#

  4. If we go out with the is always the Spur…that way we get to enjoy our food and they get to play and eat inbetween. Last night we took the 3 to the movies and after that we took them for ice cream at the Wimpy….Lukas demanded to know where the play area was…and when the waitress replied that there is non…I asked Oupa to please take him to the Spur;-)

  5. You see, so we all fall! We had the same disillusion intentions. Now we have a family card, and secret tribe cards and we thank Spur for being able to have a good conversation. I am just all done with their food – eaten out. I am now basically on Nachos or a burger – my hubby makes way better steak and ribs at home.

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