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Life in Bullets!

Yes, that is what my blogging has come down to. 

  • My sleep-through from 9 weeks baby has gone!!!!!  What the heck has happened?  Twice this week she has woken at 11pm or there about and would not go down till after 3am.  I need more sleep than that.  Any ideas??  She turns 18 months and it all goes to pot.
  • I won a prize in the Sanlam Start Something competition.  Unfortunately not the main prize but at least it was something.  I entered the lottery because I thought I might be on a winning streak but no such luck…..
  • It’s Friday!!!
  • I am addicted to!
  • I am going to get on my bicycle tomorrow.  The first time in over 2 years.  I am scared.
  • I am reading “A new husband by Friday” it did not work.  The old one is still here….  Ok jokes aside I am actually quite enjoying the book so far but am only on Tuesday.  It makes sense so far…  Monday was on how men and women although equal are very different.  I have not quite figured out what Tuesday is about yet.
  • When I woke up at 11pm (see first bullet) I had pains in my chest – lower left side.  Not heart, if felt more like my ribs were too small or something.  OUCH! Every time I take a breath I am in agony.  Laughing is out!  Thankfully my Chiropractor has space this morning.  I have mentioned before but I love him!  Hopefully he can fix this.  I tried rolling over an exercise ball and using my foam roller this morning but no good.  Trying to sleep next to a squiggling toddler did not help. 
  • I am loving my job at the moment
  • I have enrolled in another exam.  Not necessary for my position but I feel like it.  Do I need my head read?  I am planning on doing the Key Individual FAIS exam….
  • Operation-get-in-shape is not off to a very good start….


That’s about it!  Another week down, nearly another month down, I know we all say this but time is flying!


7 thoughts on “Life in Bullets!

  1. So it seems we all need to READ THAT BOOK;-)

    Eish…to the sleeping problems…I am still woken by Lukas slamming the door when he comes in to get in bed with Oupa….so I have no advice either.

    Congrats on the win!

  2. No idea wrt sleep issues. I’ve always had good sleepers. Is she too young for her molars to be coming through? that could be the prob?

    What did you win? We all want to know so best you do a post darl.

    Is there really a book called that. Will have to add it to my list which currently includes A New Kid by Friday.

    Happy weekend and hope the chiro sorted you out x

    1. Hi Shayne
      It could be her molars, she is getting all her teeth at once. Nothing till after a year and now suddenly – wham. We have not really had any problems with teeth though.

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