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It gets easier – really??

So to all those people that said the new baby stage is really difficult but not to worry it gets easier… What did you just never have toddlers?????

There are two areas of concern at the moment – sleep and eat.  She won’t do either.  Well not for me at least.  For the nanny she does both perfectly…. I am not sure what is up with that???

Here is a picture of her taking her lunch time nap yesterday – which I eventually got her down for at 4:15!  Only 4 hours later than she should have been.

Doesn’t she just look the picture of innocence?  Just as well she is so cute otherwise she would be in big trouble.  I must admit though that I am loving this age.  But then I have loved every age.  I am really lucky – she is such a happy child.



I eventually woke her at 5:30pm or I would never have gotten her back to sleep again at 7!  Normally if you just walk past her room she wakes up.  Not this time.  We went in, opened the curtains, took photos etc and still slept.  So cute – I never get to see her sleep unless it is in the car.

And then just a general update:  Thankfully we have had sleep though nights again over the weekend.  Even if on Sunday she was up rather early.

My ribs went from bad to worse to “oh my god I am dying” – panic phone call to my mom.  Thankfully it was nothing that a trip to the chiropractor, doctor and then pharmacist for a few myprodol could not fix.  Unfortunately I had to cancel my bike ride…  Not a happy girl, but at least I am not dead.  Who know that muscle and bones could cause so much pain. 

In the Sanlam Start Something competition I won money! yay.  Not the main prize of R50 000 but enough to make me smile quietly.  



8 thoughts on “It gets easier – really??

  1. Yeah on the money!

    I always tell people that the most difficult months with all the kids were between 9 and 18 months – when they know what they want but they can not tell you what it is. Once they start communicating it gets easier.

  2. How old is she? Both mine dropped their afternoon naps when they were around 2. So we just sent them to bed a bit earlier at night. We would do quiet rest time with a book or quietly playing with toys, but they won’t have afternoon sleep.

    Hang in there, it will get easier 🙂

  3. and wait until three! No body warned me… always the terrible twos, the twos were a breeze…! then she hit three and became even more headstrong. As for sleeping, it definitely has ups and downs, its just to ride through the downs and enjoy the ups. gorgeous photo of sleeping baba and congrats on winning:-)

  4. I do concur with imsonotablogger in that my daughter seemed to be more challenging at three years old versus two.

    Every age is precious and beautiful – to me. Cherish the good memories because they will go by fast.

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