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Making myself accountable

I saw that quite a few people put down their To-do lists for September.

I like lists, but was a bit nervous about putting all the stuff that I needed to do down and then making it public.  But now that it is nearly the end of the month I have decided to make myself accountable – but am including the stuff that was on my list and I have already done – just to make myself feel better and this list includes stuff for October….

 Here goes (the crossed out items I have already managed to do this month)

  • Order Swims Sense baby  happy nappy for Little OL26 September!
  • Follow up on registration for UIF for domestic.26 September!
  • Register dad on the list of the old age home
  • Get car sold in May out of my name!!!  16 September
  • Print photos  10 September
  • Reorganise kitchen cupboards.  I have half done this, the kitchen is done but the scullery is still waiting.
  • Clean up cupboard in bathroom – toss out all expired of never to be used products
  • Create “busy bags” for Little OL – started, I have done 4 so far.
  • Submit Tax Return
  • Sort out dad’s TV License
  • Send out affidavits to say I was not driver for all traffic fines received since I sold the car.
  • Send bicycles for a service  7 September
  • Change tube on Road Bike
  • Pick up turbo from friend  12 September
  • Put in offer on house – ok, that was not on my list but I did that anyway.  Now just to see if it is accepted or what they come back with…..  Poor Mr OL, he leaves the country for a couple of days and I go shopping, for a house.  He has not even seen it.  23 September
  • Find Little OL a playschool for next year.
  • Create First Aid Kit for the house – I have a small one that I take hiking and travelling but feel we need a proper one for the house now with Little OL around.
  • Discovery Vitality Check at Clicks for both Mr OL and myself

I am sure that there is a lot more that I should be doing, but will add to the list as I go along.

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Urban Run – wow!

Yesterday was the first Urban Run held in Port Elizabeth!  All I can say is wow!!!  I had a great time, it was tough and I am covered in scrapes and bruises and a cut on my knee but it was all worth it.   My brother had to unfortunately cancel as he was very sick that morning, but we “adopted” somebody for the day – Vuyani.  A brother by another mother…. or so we decided.  We only met him 3 minutes before the start of the race, but bonded quite quickly.  Mud, grime and pushing each other over obstacles will do that.

All fresh at the start!

The course covered 12 km with 15 obstacles. They ranged from barely noticeable to “OH MY GLORY” hard.  The hardest for me was a scout style rope bridge across the river.  My stomach muscles are aching, although I am not sure if that is from al the laughing or the hanging on for dear life so that I did not end up in the water – as many others did.

Vuyani, preparing to give me a hand over the cargo net.

The whole event must have taken some amazing organistation, it was run through the city centre, including the station – were we had to run through a train (great fun) and through the harbor.  We ran through various buildings and up and down stairways that I did not even know existed.  We had to climb a cargo net up and over the wall of Fort Frederick and then drop down through a window once inside. 

Up and over.
TMy sister through the window and dropping down the other side

One of the great things was running through the city.  We saw parts of it we have either not seen in many years, or have not seen at all.  The Braakens Valley was absolutely stunning – but is now unsafe to run in alone (thanks to all the police on their horse looking after us down there).  I really hope that this becomes an annual event, I know I will be back next year!

View of the Fort and surrounds
Not so fresh at the finish - 2 hours 23 minutes later
The medals make it all worthwhile!

Thanks mom for taking the photos.

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I hate Pinterest!

I want to state quite categorically that I HATE Pinterest!!!

I hate the fact that it gives me such great ideas and then steals that time right back.  I hate that I get all excited about my list of To Do crafts and then feel inadequate because I have not done them.  I hate the fact that I now want to redesign my entire living space, including the garden using ideas that are not practical for our climate, budget or lifestyle.  I hate it for the fact that I have now realised that I have no idea how to dress, that I have no hope in hell of make some of the cakes on there and that my poor child must seriously be lacking in stimulation if I see what others are doing with theirs.

But, thanks to Pintrest (and Eleanor Roosevelt) I do know that…


and that you should


and that


oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE Pinterest – I am addicted!  I can’t wait to log on to see what new and exciting thing has been pinned, what I can put on my to make list, what I should be doing with Baby OL,  what ideas there are for  her birthday parties and mine.  What I could be wearing and what it is that people can make out of toilet rolls.
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Urban Run – PE

I am slowly getting back into training – very slowly.  But I am enjoying it again although I really need to cycle more …. cough, Ok, I really need to get on my bike!!! I have not sat on it since the 16 June 2009 – the day I was pregnant with Little OL.  (I don’t think I can call her a baby any longer).  The East London 70.3 is approaching very quickly.

In the meantime though, my brother, sister and I have entered as a team for The Urban Run on the weekend and I am really looking forward to it.  It is an urban obstacle course over 12 km.  I figured between my brother and sister then could push, pull or shove me over the obstacles. 

I have never done anything like this before so it should be interesting.  Is anyone else doing it?

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High on life

or that might be Nurofen. Whatever.. she is a slightly happier camper.

I ended up taking her for xrays yesterday. They results show fluid on her elbow that is causing her the discomfort.  We are trying to reschedule the Orthopedic Surgeon appointment to move it closer but it does not look like we are going to be able to.

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Still not a happy camper.

I still have a pretty miserable and grumpy baby and I am beginning to miss my sleep.  It is horrible to see her so unhappy.  It seems to be two things that are wrong but neither of which we know exactly what it is.

The one is a fever, but why is a mystery – the doc thinks UTI but have you ever tried getting an urine sample from a toddler.  Not easy – in fact am going to say damn near impossible.  If any of you moms have a brilliant suggestion I am all ears.  The patch bag thing they gave me does not work.

The other is probably something called “nurse maids elbow”.  Normally this just pops right again and all pain subsides.  I am not sure what is going on this time as it is day 3 and although she is using her arm again it is still painful.  We have an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon in a couple of weeks, but obviously I would like to avoid surgery if at all possible.  And no – I am not pulling her by her arms or swinging her about.  We are very conscious of this as it has happened 3 times previously and the doc told us what to watch out for.  With her it seems to happen when she falls funny or on her right arm.  Not good for a toddler who falls all the time.  The doc is worried as it should not be happening as frequently or as easily as it is.  Hopefully this is something that she can outgrow.

At the moment we are surviving on Nurofen (Baby OL) and Coffee (me).

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Not quite as planned!

Hmmm, so that did not go quite as planned….

I love camping!  Mr OL quite likes camping and Baby OL?…. Not so much!

Going back to the campsite we used to go to as kids was awesome.  It was just as good as I remember, if not better.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves and it was so peaceful. We braai’d both nights on the beach and sat and had coffee in the mornings staring over the Keurbooms Lagoon.  I LOVED it! 

However it would have been a whole lot better with a child that was not running a fever, up all night and crying all day.  Not so much fun.  I am not sure what is wrong but she is going to the doc today.

Not that this is going to put me off.  She will like camping, I am brain washing her.  Every time I say “we are going camping” I have taught her to clap…. 

Here is the link to the caravan park we stayed in – the Keurbooms Lagoon Caravan Park in Plettenberg Bay.  I love this place!  One of the other guys we went with also camped there as a kid.  In fact his parents still go every December.  It was quite cool reminiscing with him and my sister about the good old camping days.  Our memories are all very different.  I was a teenager most of the time.  We stopped going when I was 21.  My sister was a little kid as there are 10 years difference between us.  Our friend fits right in, in the middle.  I think his parents are going to have quite a few gate crashers on their site this December.

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Camping… yay

We have decided to go camping….

I love camping, but it will be the first time we have gone firstly as a couple and secondly with a toddler / baby.  Any suggestions – Cat I have re-read your blog with the tips! Thanks

I am rather excited though.  We are going to the same caravan park that I used to go to when I was a kid. We went EVERY holiday, long weekend or break we could get and some of my best memories are from there.  It will be interesting to see how it compares now to how I felt about it as a kid/teenager.  I guess one thing that will have changed is I won’t be sneaking out with my friends to the club up the road (fake ID in hand) ah…. those were the days.