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Still not a happy camper.

I still have a pretty miserable and grumpy baby and I am beginning to miss my sleep.  It is horrible to see her so unhappy.  It seems to be two things that are wrong but neither of which we know exactly what it is.

The one is a fever, but why is a mystery – the doc thinks UTI but have you ever tried getting an urine sample from a toddler.  Not easy – in fact am going to say damn near impossible.  If any of you moms have a brilliant suggestion I am all ears.  The patch bag thing they gave me does not work.

The other is probably something called “nurse maids elbow”.  Normally this just pops right again and all pain subsides.  I am not sure what is going on this time as it is day 3 and although she is using her arm again it is still painful.  We have an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon in a couple of weeks, but obviously I would like to avoid surgery if at all possible.  And no – I am not pulling her by her arms or swinging her about.  We are very conscious of this as it has happened 3 times previously and the doc told us what to watch out for.  With her it seems to happen when she falls funny or on her right arm.  Not good for a toddler who falls all the time.  The doc is worried as it should not be happening as frequently or as easily as it is.  Hopefully this is something that she can outgrow.

At the moment we are surviving on Nurofen (Baby OL) and Coffee (me).