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I hate Pinterest!

I want to state quite categorically that I HATE Pinterest!!!

I hate the fact that it gives me such great ideas and then steals that time right back.  I hate that I get all excited about my list of To Do crafts and then feel inadequate because I have not done them.  I hate the fact that I now want to redesign my entire living space, including the garden using ideas that are not practical for our climate, budget or lifestyle.  I hate it for the fact that I have now realised that I have no idea how to dress, that I have no hope in hell of make some of the cakes on there and that my poor child must seriously be lacking in stimulation if I see what others are doing with theirs.

But, thanks to Pintrest (and Eleanor Roosevelt) I do know that…


and that you should


and that


oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE Pinterest – I am addicted!  I can’t wait to log on to see what new and exciting thing has been pinned, what I can put on my to make list, what I should be doing with Baby OL,  what ideas there are for  her birthday parties and mine.  What I could be wearing and what it is that people can make out of toilet rolls.