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I hate Pinterest!

I want to state quite categorically that I HATE Pinterest!!!

I hate the fact that it gives me such great ideas and then steals that time right back.  I hate that I get all excited about my list of To Do crafts and then feel inadequate because I have not done them.  I hate the fact that I now want to redesign my entire living space, including the garden using ideas that are not practical for our climate, budget or lifestyle.  I hate it for the fact that I have now realised that I have no idea how to dress, that I have no hope in hell of make some of the cakes on there and that my poor child must seriously be lacking in stimulation if I see what others are doing with theirs.

But, thanks to Pintrest (and Eleanor Roosevelt) I do know that…


and that you should


and that


oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE Pinterest – I am addicted!  I can’t wait to log on to see what new and exciting thing has been pinned, what I can put on my to make list, what I should be doing with Baby OL,  what ideas there are for  her birthday parties and mine.  What I could be wearing and what it is that people can make out of toilet rolls.

12 thoughts on “I hate Pinterest!

  1. I don’t get pinterest? What the hell am I supposed to do? I signed up cos everyone was tlking about it… and I noticed I had a few blog buds “following” me… but theres been nothing to follow cos I really dont know what to do? Can you explain it to me? ta x

  2. You use it as a virtual pin board. So for example you are planning a kids party, or decorating your house or what ever – surf the net and find ideas. Instead of saving that picture to file on yoru computer or printing it or what ever you “pin” it on Pinterest. It then also saves the link, so if you want to go back to see where you find that idea it is linked to the photo on your “pinboard”. Makes life much easier – if you don’t get tooo carried away.
    YOu can also search on there and see what other people have pinned with those key words – eg. rainbow. The follow thing is when you pin anything it will show up on their boards that you pinned it. The idea is to follow people with similar tastes or ideas so then you dont’ have to search teh whole net to find something you like.

  3. I hate pinterest because you can’t navigate it! How the hell do you get to the second photo in a series? It talks about the 5 biggest dogs and shows you only 1! It says press the buttons – WHAT buttons???

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