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Urban Run – wow!

Yesterday was the first Urban Run held in Port Elizabeth!  All I can say is wow!!!  I had a great time, it was tough and I am covered in scrapes and bruises and a cut on my knee but it was all worth it.   My brother had to unfortunately cancel as he was very sick that morning, but we “adopted” somebody for the day – Vuyani.  A brother by another mother…. or so we decided.  We only met him 3 minutes before the start of the race, but bonded quite quickly.  Mud, grime and pushing each other over obstacles will do that.

All fresh at the start!

The course covered 12 km with 15 obstacles. They ranged from barely noticeable to “OH MY GLORY” hard.  The hardest for me was a scout style rope bridge across the river.  My stomach muscles are aching, although I am not sure if that is from al the laughing or the hanging on for dear life so that I did not end up in the water – as many others did.

Vuyani, preparing to give me a hand over the cargo net.

The whole event must have taken some amazing organistation, it was run through the city centre, including the station – were we had to run through a train (great fun) and through the harbor.  We ran through various buildings and up and down stairways that I did not even know existed.  We had to climb a cargo net up and over the wall of Fort Frederick and then drop down through a window once inside. 

Up and over.
TMy sister through the window and dropping down the other side

One of the great things was running through the city.  We saw parts of it we have either not seen in many years, or have not seen at all.  The Braakens Valley was absolutely stunning – but is now unsafe to run in alone (thanks to all the police on their horse looking after us down there).  I really hope that this becomes an annual event, I know I will be back next year!

View of the Fort and surrounds
Not so fresh at the finish - 2 hours 23 minutes later
The medals make it all worthwhile!

Thanks mom for taking the photos.

10 thoughts on “Urban Run – wow!

  1. Wow…you did amazing. So sad that we can’t visit many of those sites due to security. DH and I wanted to go for a walk in Settlers Park and was shocked at the state it is in.

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