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Making myself accountable

I saw that quite a few people put down their To-do lists for September.

I like lists, but was a bit nervous about putting all the stuff that I needed to do down and then making it public.  But now that it is nearly the end of the month I have decided to make myself accountable – but am including the stuff that was on my list and I have already done – just to make myself feel better and this list includes stuff for October….

 Here goes (the crossed out items I have already managed to do this month)

  • Order Swims Sense baby  happy nappy for Little OL26 September!
  • Follow up on registration for UIF for domestic.26 September!
  • Register dad on the list of the old age home
  • Get car sold in May out of my name!!!  16 September
  • Print photos  10 September
  • Reorganise kitchen cupboards.  I have half done this, the kitchen is done but the scullery is still waiting.
  • Clean up cupboard in bathroom – toss out all expired of never to be used products
  • Create “busy bags” for Little OL – started, I have done 4 so far.
  • Submit Tax Return
  • Sort out dad’s TV License
  • Send out affidavits to say I was not driver for all traffic fines received since I sold the car.
  • Send bicycles for a service  7 September
  • Change tube on Road Bike
  • Pick up turbo from friend  12 September
  • Put in offer on house – ok, that was not on my list but I did that anyway.  Now just to see if it is accepted or what they come back with…..  Poor Mr OL, he leaves the country for a couple of days and I go shopping, for a house.  He has not even seen it.  23 September
  • Find Little OL a playschool for next year.
  • Create First Aid Kit for the house – I have a small one that I take hiking and travelling but feel we need a proper one for the house now with Little OL around.
  • Discovery Vitality Check at Clicks for both Mr OL and myself

I am sure that there is a lot more that I should be doing, but will add to the list as I go along.

9 thoughts on “Making myself accountable

  1. I did this at the beginning of September as well 🙂 I will update at the end of the month – I am anal like that *sigh*

    It’s actually kept me focused – when I sit at my desk and go “what am I doing?” I look up and check the list and I am back on track 🙂

    1. I think if I was to start with a full list I would feel too intimidated. By having some items ticked already it makes it feel more managable.

  2. I am not and never have been a list person. Apart from academia or medicine. Then I am a meticulous list follower and checker… I have medical accountability with my profession, so do not want to make an error.
    As for the rest of my life… I fly by the seat of my pants… I’m hoping this continues to work for me x

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