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Something new

So I decided to try something different with my iced sugar cookies – to paint them!  I have seen it around and thought I would give it a try.  We have our art class end of year party this weekend – our theme was Berthe Morisot.

I did not enjoy it and they did not come out the way I wanted. 

I believe that this is because of a few reasons, firstly I don’t usually paint with water colours and this would be done in that style.  Also this artist used oils so it was difficult to copy.  Secondly I found that the colour bled into the icing.

The other thing I think is that the taste of the food colouring would be too strong if you ate them (which I have not done yet).

I think I will stick to the more conventional way of decorating sugar cookies, line and flood with royal icing.  I really enjoy that. 

Here are pictures of the three I tried next to a copy of the painting I was trying to copy.  I think the one of the little girl with the red hair came out the best – the others are shocking! 

Painted iced cookie


Painted Iced Cookie


Painted Iced Cookie
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The weeds are taking over!

I am going to have to admit that I have a wee(d) bit of a problem, possibly an addiction…. (yes, another one)

At first Mr OL was indulgent.  He did not see the harm, in fact I would go as far as to say he actively encouraged it but lately it is beginning to impact on our family life. 

It is, quite frankly, taking over.  I am sneaking out the house at 5am to feed my addiction.   I go and find a quiet space in the garden, just as the sun is beginning to rise and I start to weed…

Nope, you did not read wrong.  Not “do weed”, I weed, as in I weed the garden!  It has gotten so bad that yesterday when I closed my eyes at night I was seeing weeds – clover, dandelion and my favourite, those annoying little ones that spread out across the grass.  You find an end and beginning to pull, ever so gently trying not to break it and just follow it across your grass, lightly loosening the soil around it.  Oh the joys.

So, does anyone know of a support group for weeders?

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A moan free blog post

I am in the “I am going to bite somebodies head off” kind of mood and there is no reason for it.  Nope, I cannot even blame that.  It must just be all me.

I want to have a good old moan, but I am not going to, instead I am going to blog about wanting to have a moan.

I want to moan about something trivial Mr OL said to me this morning that REALLY pissed me off and has been playing on my mind all day (but I’m not)

I want to moan about something that happened at work or closer to the point, did not happen (but I’m not going to)

I want to moan about the fact that my parents are getting old – especially my dad (but I’m not going to)

I want to moan about the fact that I feel like I have been letting my blog down lately (but I’m not going to)

I want to moan about the fact that my to-do list is getting longer, not shorter (but I’m not going to)

I want to moan about the fact that I am really slacking with my training for IMSA 70.3 (but I’m not going to)

I want to moan about the fact that Operation Get in Shape is not getting me in the correct shape – although I guess round is a shape (but I’m not going to)

Instead I am going to gush about little OL.  She is gorgeous. She is getting cuter and cuter each day and I just want to hug and cuddle her.  She makes me happy, and when I get home any thoughts I had of moaning about anything will fly right out the window.

My cutie pie
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Packaging Fail!!

Dear Woolworths SA

Can I just say that I was so excited when I saw the large red and white candy canes in your stores?  I went out and bought a whole heap, knowing full well that if I waited till closer to Christmas they would be gone.

I will just say however that my excitement faded rapidly when I got them home.  Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to cover the entire cane with a sticker, a very sticky sticker.  Could you not have done that differently, maybe a nice little tag or something?  The whole point was to use them either for decoration or gift wrapping.  I have had to spend hours carefully peeling the stickers off to make them look attractive. 

Although, maybe I should be thanking you?  I mean what else did I have to do over the past two nights with my Blackberry out of action.  At least cursing you took my mind off that….

Kind regards


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Summer – bring it on!

I went for my first sea swim this season – and only my second since Little OL was born.

It was a HOT day in PE so I organized my mom to come and babysit and I went down to the beach. 

All I can say is AMAZING!  I loved it, it was great being back in the water and today my tummy muscles are sore.  All good!!

I even still managed to squeeze myself into my wetsuit….

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The BEST mom award goes to..

My mom!!!

So there I was all proud of myself and my grand idea for my birthday.  I told my mom about it and she was a bit skeptical.  Not sure I could do 40 acts in one day, so I explained to her what kind of acts would count.

Her reply quite shyly was, “Well I guess you could say I did one today”.  So obviously I asked for more info.  Bloody hell – not even11 am and my mom has done FOUR unplanned acts.  I made her recount.

The one she was talking about – an old lady was walking along the road looking rather shaky.  It is close to 40 degree outside and my mom had just heard on the radio that old people should stay indoors.  She was pushing a trolley of groceries and carrying another bag.  My mom turned her car around and gave the lady and her groceries a lift home and helped her carry them inside.  Ok – wow!

Then I said to her actually she had done 1 more that I knew off and was about to do another. She came to visit me and after that she was driving to my sister’s work and picking up her dirty laundry to do it as my mom knew she had been away all weekend.  Nice mommy we have!

Later in conversation it turned out that while out on her run this morning she found money on the ground. She gave it to the next person she ran past. 

She is also going to watch Little OL this evening while I go to the beach for a swim.  Can I just say that I think I have the most awesome mom in the whole world!

I think 40 acts should be easy.  My mom has done or is going to do 5 totally unplanned acts today without even thinking about it.

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An idea….

Ok, so I know that I “might” have said that I hate Pinterest but I take it all back, well most of it.  Every now and then I discover something that I LOVE and I have discovered what I am going to do for my next birthday.

I turn 40!  Yikes and I have been looking for ideas for parties.  I kind of decided on a cocktail party, but I have been having doubts, I was not really sure about the whole party idea. Then I saw this – I LOVE this idea. 

Random Acts of Kindness!  In my case it would be 40 Random Acts of kindness.

I love some of her ideas, but some of them would need to be adapted for SA.  We have our petrol pumped for us, we have people taking the trolleys to the cars, unpacking the bags etc.  I could do something for those people.  Also we have car guards – maybe they need a look in too.  (Hayley did a stunning post about a car guard – go read it.)

I think I should start creating a list.  She also asked all her friends to do a random act of kindness – be prepared -come April you will be getting similar request. Between my IRL friends (almost all on FB anyway) to my FB friends, blog readers and Twitter I am sure we can generate quite a few acts.

I still might have a small get together with friends and ask them that instead of a gift to bring something for a specific charity.

What do you think??  I know a few of you are also turning 40….

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Pain in the butt!

Last night I was having a stunning evening.  I had arranged that Mr OL came straight home from work to see to Little OL and I went down to the beachfront to go for a run.  It was a nice evening – if I bit windy but it’s PE so I did not expect much different.

I had run about 6 or 7 km when I started planning in my head what my BBM status.  Hmmm “Awesome, Awesome, Awesome” was pretty much what I had decided. Things were going well and I was loving life…. AND THEN

OUCH – something happened to my BUTT.  Sudden shooting pains are not good.  Each time I tried to lift my leg I felt like somebody jabbed my butt with a hot poker.  The worst part was that I was about 3 kms away from my car.  My BBM status (in my head) suddenly went from “Awesome, Awesome, Awesome” to “#$#%$#$#!” and a few other unprintable words.  Not a happy camper. 3Km is a long way to walk when your butt is sore.

At least it feels a bit better today. I used my foam roller and stretched.  I am planning on riding tomorrow so let’s see.

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A few more biscuits

One of my friends asked me to make some biscuits for her daughter’s first birthday party – it was ladybird themed.  I jumped at the chance – anything to be able to make the biscuits but then not to have to worry about eating them.

Although the party was a Ladybird theme, she was not going big on the ladybirds.   She found some photos online of biscuits with ladybirds on them and asked me if I could copy them.  I also made some extra white ones with pink dots and then some pink ones with white dots.

I think they come out pretty well (even if I do say so myself).

The first photo is the biscuits in location at the party.  My sister -in-law took the photo as I did not even think of it.  I was so glad she did. 

Ladybird theme party - cookies


The rest of the photos I took at home before I took the biscuits to my friends house.

Ladybird Sugar Cookies


A Ladybird walked over my Sugar Cookie