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A few more biscuits

One of my friends asked me to make some biscuits for her daughter’s first birthday party – it was ladybird themed.  I jumped at the chance – anything to be able to make the biscuits but then not to have to worry about eating them.

Although the party was a Ladybird theme, she was not going big on the ladybirds.   She found some photos online of biscuits with ladybirds on them and asked me if I could copy them.  I also made some extra white ones with pink dots and then some pink ones with white dots.

I think they come out pretty well (even if I do say so myself).

The first photo is the biscuits in location at the party.  My sister -in-law took the photo as I did not even think of it.  I was so glad she did. 

Ladybird theme party - cookies


The rest of the photos I took at home before I took the biscuits to my friends house.

Ladybird Sugar Cookies


A Ladybird walked over my Sugar Cookie

10 thoughts on “A few more biscuits

  1. Thanks all, and Firefly I should probably start charging at some stage. I have not really worked it out yet or thought about it. Labour of love…

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