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Packaging Fail!!

Dear Woolworths SA

Can I just say that I was so excited when I saw the large red and white candy canes in your stores?  I went out and bought a whole heap, knowing full well that if I waited till closer to Christmas they would be gone.

I will just say however that my excitement faded rapidly when I got them home.  Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to cover the entire cane with a sticker, a very sticky sticker.  Could you not have done that differently, maybe a nice little tag or something?  The whole point was to use them either for decoration or gift wrapping.  I have had to spend hours carefully peeling the stickers off to make them look attractive. 

Although, maybe I should be thanking you?  I mean what else did I have to do over the past two nights with my Blackberry out of action.  At least cursing you took my mind off that….

Kind regards


6 thoughts on “Packaging Fail!!

  1. Oh what a pain. I hate it when they stick those price tags, warning and branding adhesives. Worse still when it ruins the packaging or product itself.

  2. Oh I am smiling at the whole Blackberry thing – not because I decided on the iphone, but because Backberry users are so particularly attached to their phones and often (not referring to you particularly ;-).) smug about their phones. But yes, there is sympathy! But mainly for the sugar cane situation! LOL!

  3. I have been looking for the like button on this post for about an hour 🙂

    Its ridiculous how WW haven’t considered OUR time while we need to un-package their packaged goods!

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