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The weeds are taking over!

I am going to have to admit that I have a wee(d) bit of a problem, possibly an addiction…. (yes, another one)

At first Mr OL was indulgent.  He did not see the harm, in fact I would go as far as to say he actively encouraged it but lately it is beginning to impact on our family life. 

It is, quite frankly, taking over.  I am sneaking out the house at 5am to feed my addiction.   I go and find a quiet space in the garden, just as the sun is beginning to rise and I start to weed…

Nope, you did not read wrong.  Not “do weed”, I weed, as in I weed the garden!  It has gotten so bad that yesterday when I closed my eyes at night I was seeing weeds – clover, dandelion and my favourite, those annoying little ones that spread out across the grass.  You find an end and beginning to pull, ever so gently trying not to break it and just follow it across your grass, lightly loosening the soil around it.  Oh the joys.

So, does anyone know of a support group for weeders?

8 thoughts on “The weeds are taking over!

  1. Scary. I lose my wife for ages and then find she’s been weeding: “just one ore weed, just one more…”.
    Yet she suggests that I have a problem with Angry Birds.

    1. Mr OL found a way to control my problem. He threaten to use weedkiller if I did not slow down. NOoooo! Not in my nice organic garden!

  2. Me Me Me – I am like you… but don;t get up early inthe morning to do it. Too scared my husband (Mr 6000) will find me and then I’ll be in trouble……

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