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Sleep required!

Yesterday I should have turned off my alarm, rolled over and gone straight back to sleep.

In the morning I went for a cycle with my sister.  It was not good.  I could not keep up, my heart rate was soaring and I started seeing black spots.  I had to come home….  I think it is due to lack of sleep Little OL has not been well since Friday and so we have not been sleeping.

After work I thought I would go for a quick swim at the gym before my art class.  I arrived and handed over my gym card to enter without really looking at it.  I normally only have 1 card in my gym bag.  The girl at reception looked at it and said to me “this is not going to work, you cannot enter with this card”… I looked – my Woolworths Reward card.  Oops.  Thankfully I did have the correct card with me. 

A few minutes later I was back at reception, I could not find the entrance to the ladies changing rooms.  They were doing renovations and I was lost!  I was really thinking I should maybe just go home.  Why is it that all my “most embarrassing moments” happen at the gym?

Thankfully the actual swim went off without a hitch.  My art class was of course fine although I did nothing, well not exactly “nothing”.  I ate dinner and had a glass of wine before heading home.  Ah… bed!  I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep before Little OL woke up and that was it for the rest of the night – off and on sleep.  Not enough.  I hope she gets better soon.  The doc said 5 – 10 days.  We are on day 8 – poor sausage.