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Sleep required!

Yesterday I should have turned off my alarm, rolled over and gone straight back to sleep.

In the morning I went for a cycle with my sister.  It was not good.  I could not keep up, my heart rate was soaring and I started seeing black spots.  I had to come home….  I think it is due to lack of sleep Little OL has not been well since Friday and so we have not been sleeping.

After work I thought I would go for a quick swim at the gym before my art class.  I arrived and handed over my gym card to enter without really looking at it.  I normally only have 1 card in my gym bag.  The girl at reception looked at it and said to me “this is not going to work, you cannot enter with this card”… I looked – my Woolworths Reward card.  Oops.  Thankfully I did have the correct card with me. 

A few minutes later I was back at reception, I could not find the entrance to the ladies changing rooms.  They were doing renovations and I was lost!  I was really thinking I should maybe just go home.  Why is it that all my “most embarrassing moments” happen at the gym?

Thankfully the actual swim went off without a hitch.  My art class was of course fine although I did nothing, well not exactly “nothing”.  I ate dinner and had a glass of wine before heading home.  Ah… bed!  I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep before Little OL woke up and that was it for the rest of the night – off and on sleep.  Not enough.  I hope she gets better soon.  The doc said 5 – 10 days.  We are on day 8 – poor sausage.

3 thoughts on “Sleep required!

  1. You actually still have the energy for cycling and swimming? With lack of sleep comes lethargy for me…I just slowly die. I hope little OL is better soon and that you get some good sleep this weekend.

  2. ugh, to the on off sleep, probably the worst kind as it does nothing to refresh. You just steadily get tireder and tireder. Hope baby OL gets better soon soon so you can catch up on your forty winks:-)

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