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Dream on!

There is this camera that I desperately want!  I go and enter their “daily giveaway” each and every day.  I stalk their Facebook page, look at the videos posted on their web site and generally just dream about the camera convinced that one day I WILL own one! 

However I am beginning to realise that it might not really be the camera that I am after.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I am after the lifestyle that it portrays.  Talk about powerful advertising!!  Somewhere in my subconscious think I feel that if I own one of these cameras that I will instantly be transformed into a skydiving, snowboarding, waterskiing, mountain climbing adventurer.  I will go to exotic places, try new exciting and adventurous things.  I will go stand-up-paddle boarding in the bluest of water.  I will go roaring down mountains on the purest of white powder.  I will climb high and exciting mountains (with no fear of heights).  I will be living the life I was sure I was meant to. 

But for now I will just live vicariously through the photos and videos that others are posting, dreaming of the day when it will be me!

This of course has nothing to do with me turning 40 next year and wishing that maybe, just maybe I should have done more of that kind of stuff when I was younger (or at least filmed it when I did).

The camera in question is a GoPro HD Hero 2, in case you were wondering.  The website is  Visit the site at your own risk.