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When is it time?

When did you move your toddlers to a “big kid bed” or when do you plan on moving them?

When I put Little OL down at night she has a bottle lying on the bed and then I pick her up and move her to her cot.  Lately however she screams blue murder when I pick her up.  She tries to snuggle down into the bed and pillows but I have heard not to move to soon and to rather wait until they start climbing out of their cots?  I am sure that she will be doing that in the next week or so. 

At the moment the cot is great – if she wakes up in the middle of the night she usually cries out but because she can’t get out, rolls over and goes back to sleep.  The problem with leaving her on the bed is that she will get up in the middle of the night and the bed is too high for her to climb back into.  I am also worried that she falls of it.  I don’t think she would roll off, but when she wants up she just walks to the end and I am worried that in the dark she won’t see the end and will just walk off?  We tried it one night but I was so worried about her I ended up putting her in her cot in the middle of the night.

She will be 21 months this month?  I was hoping to wait till closer to 2 but she seems to really want to sleep on the bed?


5 thoughts on “When is it time?

  1. I kept the boys in their toddler beds (which their cots converted to) for 3 years – the Princess we moved at about 2. Putting a pillow below the matress towards the floor side and the other end to a wall works really well.

  2. When they climb out of their crib so much that they are in danger of falling and hurting themselves, it’s time. With one child, it was 18 months. With my middle son, 3 years. Hoping to get another 6 months with my smallest. Good luck!

  3. Mine moved early. Cameron was shaking the cot bars so I moved him at about 9 months.

    Kiara was a year when we moved her.

    I am hoping to keep Jack contained for longer though ;-p

  4. When we moved our kids to a normal bed, we had a type of side that we put on the bed. Basically it was a wooden plank with “arms” that were pushed in under the mattress like a forklift. Thus they couldn’t roll out of bed while sleeping, but they could still climb off by themselves at the bottom of the bed.

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